Welcome to Barksdale Logging and Saw mill

A Family owned and operated business Established in 1980.
We pay top dollar for standing timber!
Serving Arkansas ,Oklahoma,and Missouri

A photo taken at Barksdale Sawmill   by: Jimmy dean Barksdale

And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us. psalms 90:17

brown wood logs on brown dirt road


, AR




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, AR , US

Meet the crew 

Glen Barksdale

Glen Is the owner of Barksdale logging. He is a Honest family man that has raised four hard working sons. Glen started this business 40 years ago with 1951 GMC ton an a half truck,Mules for skidding and loading logs by hand..Glen is a humble yet proven example that honest hardworking family men still exist and has taught the same values to his four sons.

Jimmy Dean Barksdale 

Jimmy Dean Barksdale ,
is one of Glen Barksdale's sons.. Jimmy dean started helping his dad in the logging industry at the age of 12. He was a sawyer at the age of 15, he is a heavy equipment operator,timber cutter, and a all around jack of all trades in the business. When not in the woods or at the sawmill Jimmy dean spends his time enjoying activities  with his family at home, or he is in his shop at home  working with projects that pertain to his wood working hobby. 


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